2013 Special Screening and Awards Gala



On Monday, December 2, 2013, MHDF held its annual Awards Gala at the Beatrice Theater in

New York City featuring a special screening of the long-awaited completed documentary film 

MISS HILL, Making Dance Matter.


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Film Director, Greg Vander Veer (right) with Board Member Yasuko Tokunaga, Joanna Ney and Emiko Tokunaga

The Young Professional Award was presented to Christian Griggs-Drane
(pictured below with Board Member Henning Rübsam)


And a special presentation took place to recognize and honor

our original Founding Board Members 

(named below)

  2013_WebProgram_1.jpg     2013_WebProgram_2.jpg


JR Glover_Risa Steinberg.jpg   Jeanne Ruddy_Carolyn Adams_Linda Kent.jpg

           J.R. Glover & Risa Steinberg         Jeanne Ruddy, Caroline Adams & Linda Kent


 Esther Nelson_Megan.jpg    Ann Vachon_Danny Lewis.jpg

          Esther Nelson & Megan Williams             Ann Vachon & Danny Lewis

Elisa De Prato_Florent Ghys.jpg   Christine Dakin_Lance Westergard.jpg

             Elisa Da Prato & Florent Ghys             Christine Dakin & Lance Westergard


Ann Crosset_Dian Dong.jpg   Allen Maniker_HT Chen.jpg  

             Ann Crosset & Dian Dong                              Dr. Allen Maniker & H.T. Chen